What is the difference between good and great promotional messages?

It's personalization that can increase the SMS open rates significantly, as backed by years of experience from the VertexSMS Key Account Manager Jonas Valeisa.

This is also seen from the recent data on personalization which shows that 72% of customers only engage with personalized messaging.

With personalization in mind, we have put together a list of promotional SMS templates and examples that can help you win more customers. These SMS templates are ready-to-use but can be easily altered to fit your business needs, no matter the industry you’re in.

A checklist for effective promotional messages

The intent of promo messages is for the customer to make a purchase. Therefore, there are several other things besides personalization to keep an eye on when crafting your SMS campaigns.

Your promotional messages will deliver better results if you follow the basics:

1. Always have permission to contact customers

SMS messages are strictly permission-based so you will have to build your SMS list before sending text promotions to your customers. You should also include an easy way for people to opt-out.

2. Make sure to include your business name

Without a clear indication of who the message is from, your promotional messaging could be easily considered as spam.

3. Consider timing

Think about when your customers are most likely to read and engage with your messages. If you have a coffee shop, you might want to reach out to customers early in the morning. If you, however, run an e-commerce store, it makes more sense to schedule your promo messages around noon when people have time to browse your store.

4. Target specific groups

It is really simple to segment your audience to provide relevant content to customers. You can create different lists based on people’s age, gender, location, previous preferences, etc.

5. Include a clear call to action

By including a clever CTA, you will be able to nudge customers to take the needed action. You can benefit from urgency with phrases like “Last chance to...”, “Don’t Miss Out and Buy Now,” etc.

6. Analyze your results

Always make sure you do an in-depth analysis of how your campaign works to understand how you could improve.

PRO TIP: how to track the results of your promotional messages

Our team’s experience shows that the best way to understand how your campaigns work is to use a trackable link in your promotional text messages.

In fact, the inclusion of links in promo messages is so effective that one of our biggest clients has decided to use trackable links in all of their marketing messages. This is one of the best ways to really understand your customer behavior - everything from clicks to conversions.

What to avoid in promo messages?

Promotional messages are by nature promotional. However, the trick to putting together an excellent promo message is not to come off as too salesy.

For this, avoid sending messages that:

  • Don’t provide clear value to customers
  • Are too frequent and pushy
  • Overuse caps lock or include buzzwords like “free” or anything else that could come off as spam

The main thing to do when trying to write a great promotional message is to simply send customers something that you would be happy to receive from a business yourself.

16 promotional message templates to help you win more customers

Let's cut to the chase. Here are the promised SMS templates for marketing that can help you to boost sales and strengthen the relationship with your customers.

You’ll find:

  • Templates for onboarding
  • Flash sale promotion examples
  • New product launch templates
  • Free trial promotion examples
  • Promo templates for loyal customers

Templates for onboarding

As mentioned earlier, text message marketing is permission-based. Therefore, the first messages you send to your customers are the most important ones as these will be the sole foundation of your (texting) relationship.

Use this chance to set the tone of the experience your business provides and provide them with the information they need to know. Let your subscribers know how often they can expect to hear from you and set clear expectations for future communication. It’s also recommended to use a double opt-in to confirm the subscription and avoid any misunderstandings.

Promotional message template for onboarding customers

Template #1

Hello [customer_name], thanks for opting in for SMS updates from [company_name]! Please reply with Y to confirm. Text STOP at any time to unsubscribe.

Template #2

Welcome, [customer_name]! Thanks for opting-in for our SMS updates. You can expect to hear from us 3-4 per month. Reply HELP for support, STOP to cancel anytime.

Template #3

Hi [customer_name]! Thank you for signing up for our SMS updates. Take 15% off your first order with the code WELCOME15 here: [short_link]

Flash sale promotion examples

Keep your customers interested by creating urgency and hype. For this, flash sales that offer savings for a short period of time can work magic.

Limited-time offer SMS template

Template #4

Hello, [customer_name]! Looking for a new summer outfit? Get 25% off our new collection. Place an order before Sunday: [short_link]

Template #5

Good news, [customer_name]! For a limited time, all our Valentine’s Day items are 20% cheaper! Surprise your loved ones with a special gift, offer valid till 02/10: [short_link]

Template #6

Hello, [customer_name]! We’d love you to join us at our seasonal opening party! Get your early bird tickets before midnight to receive a 20% discount: [short_link]

Template #7

Hi, [customer_name]. Limited-time deal: book a table at our restaurant today to receive a 10% discount on the whole menu. Call us +123456 or visit: [short_link]

New product launch templates

Customers who have opted-in to receive messages from you are eagerly waiting to hear what you have to offer. Use this opportunity to inform them as soon as you have new stock available.

Template #8

Hi, [customer_name]! The wait is finally over - the NEW LIMITED EDITION sneakers have arrived. Hurry up and shop before they sell out: [short_link]

Template #9

[customer_name], we are happy to announce that some of your favorites from the past are back. Shop now and receive 10% at the checkout: [short_link]

Template #10

[product_name] is finally here! We couldn’t be more excited for you to try it - shop now and receive 20% off: [short_link]

Free trial promotion examples

If you have a product or service that includes a free trial, you might want to strengthen your relationship with customers before their free trial ends. Below are some SMS templates that can help you do it.

Free trial promo message template

Template #11

Hello, [customer_name]! Have you enjoyed using [product_name]? If you need more time to browse around, use promo code 10MORE to get 10 more days for free: [short_link]

Template #12

[customer_name], are you running out of time using [product_name]? Reply YES to receive 50 more trial credits in your account: [short_link]

Template #13

Your free trial is coming to an end, [customer_name]. Enjoyed using [product_name]? Get 15% OFF your first month with a code FIRST15: [short_link]

Promotional SMS templates for loyal customers

Loyal customers are the ones who are likely to spend the most with you. Show them some extra love to keep the relationship alive and healthy.

Promo messages template for loyal customers

Template #14

Dear [customer_name], our annual sale is coming up next week. To thank you for your loyalty, we’ve already unlocked some of the best deals for you. Check now: [short_link]

Template #15

We’re happy you’ve been with us for such a long time, [customer_name]! Here is something to brighten up your day. Redeem your gift here: [short_link]

Template #16

Hello, [customer_name]. We believe you’ll find something for you and for your special someone in our new stock. Use code SPECIAL to get the 2nd item for free: [short_link]

Start crafting your promo text message campaigns today

For building a strong relationship over promotional SMS messages, make sure you understand which information customers want to receive. Stay true to your brand, offer exciting deals, maintain clear and transparent communication, and engage customers in conversation.

This way you will definitely see a boost in your sales in no time.

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