In business, particularly in this day and age, one must be able to look for and find various ways of catering to consumers in the best possible way. For businesses and corporations, this is essential for maintaining their bottom line and ensuring a steady progress. With the rapid advancements in technology, it is not as difficult for entrepreneurs and business owners to figure out how to attract the consumers and also provide real-time support to each customer and prospect.

While, on one hand the way to do business may have become more simplified and streamlined, on the other hand, the competition has also become quite tough. As the rise of social media and networking has made marketing more resourceful, it has also enabled seamless customer support. There is no denying that in order for a product or service to sell, it should be able to instantly appeal to the consumer’s eye and catch their attention. Now, the marketing may be able to bring a company or brand to the front, it is customer support which can actually help the consumer make the final decision. This is why it is imperative for entrepreneurs and business owners to ensure that their consumer support department is able to address all the customer concerns and queries adequately and within a short span of time.

In the end, it all comes down to, how can you stand out in a competitive market, make it even better and get the maximum results? Well, we present you with an ideal solution. By encouraging the marketing and customer support department to work together, not only can you benefit greatly but also the consumers. Look at it this way, if the research done by the marketing team on a product or service is shared with the customer support team, the agents or representatives will be more aware and better equipped to answer questions or present solutions. Similarly, customer support could help out marketing by sharing data on consumer needs and wants.

Advantages of merging marketing and customer support

For one, social media management can work in collaboration with customer support and engage customers and prospects in the best way possible. In this day and age, almost everyone looks up products or services on social media and contacts them directly through their accounts and pages.

While, primarily, the social media managers handle any queries or comments coming in, there are times when a lot of the questions relate to customer support.

In order to enhance customer experience, one must have the social media team work together with customer support representatives. This can happen on our one platform where a social media manager would be able to easily transfer all queries for customer support to the agents.

1. Marketers can engage with the consumers directly

Basically, the marketing team would be able to easily access and gauge the customer’s interests, thoughts and inclination towards a particular product or service. This way they would be able to come up with new content, marketing ideas and assess future trends. The customer support working hand in hand with marketing might also tag or highlight certain queries which the marketers may analyze and use to their advantage.

2. Customer feedback can be carried out immediately after the campaign's launch

Marketers could immediately find out whether their idea was well-received by both the consumers and clients, and what worked or what needs to be changed for the better and relaunch the campaign. Our platform allows for any such questions related to the campaign to be assessed by the marketing team directly while also not hampering the work of customer support agents. Basically, there are different user levels which may allow the marketers only to view these comments or inquiries.

3. Higher conversion of leads to consumers after direct marketing campaigns

Once a potential customer shows interest in the product or service and they reach out to customer support, the representative aware of the direct marketing campaigns sent to this particular customer or prospect will be able to quickly understand their needs and offer all the solutions.

4. Easier management of personalized or targeted campaigns

When a consumer inquires or shows interest in a particular product or service, these inquiries could be tagged with a specific product or service tag by customer support. This, in turn, would help the marketing team segment these contacts so that a targeted campaign may be created for them.

5. Marketing automation triggers created through customer support activity

Basically, this is all about the interaction between agents and consumers. For example, when a customer asks about a product on direct chat or via instant messaging, they may be tagged for this product and asked to leave their contact details so that the information could be sent to them. Then, they would immediately receive the best deals available for that product by SMS or in their inbox. Other than this, problems with unhappy clients would also be resolved quickly as customer support could tag such clients with tag, which triggers immediately to send SMS or email with some benefits to a client like discount for the next buy or an apology.

6. A unified brand image can turn into a reality

The image of the brand and templates used by a company remains the same on all communication, be it promotional or related to customer support. Whenever a change is made by the marketing department, it could be applied by marketers to all kinds of communication going out of the company.

To sum up

These are all advantages of a singular platform for marketing and customer support that could work in your favor. With this approach, you can attain greater heights, success, and innovate.

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