Even though you might not be working in the chocolate industry, Easter is still a great time to cheer your customers up with some sweet deals.

Last year, shoppers in the US were about to spend an average of $179.70 per person for Easter-related items, like candy, gifts, or food. So far, this figure is the highest on record, which shows that people’s interest in this holiday is only growing, bringing new opportunities for marketers.

Therefore, below you’ll find some Easter marketing ideas, tips, and ready to use Easter text messages that you can adjust to your business to get the best out of this bright holiday this year.

Key tips for winning Easter text messages

1. Start early

Treat Easter like any other holiday that requires you to prepare in advance. Easter gifts are becoming more and more popular (cute pastel bunny soap, anyone?), people are also looking for fun family activities and events to join, and some delicious meals to cook. Even if your business is not directly related to this holiday, you can still find a way to contribute.

To succeed with your Easter SMS campaigns, it’s important to get on customers’ radars early. Start creating buzz, let your potential customers know about your upcoming offers and what they can expect.

Moreover, you can easily use this as an opportunity to grow your SMS list for the occasion and beyond by announcing Easter offers available only to your text marketing subscribers (for instance, on your social media channels or using email newsletters).

2. Plan your whole campaign

Planning your SMS campaign from the beginning to the end is the key to staying efficient and reaching better results.

Looking at your Easter SMS campaign as a whole can help you to organize your ideas and offers better, implement the best practices of what has worked in the past, adapt it to this specific holiday, and create a series of SMS that will help you achieve your goals.

3. Incorporate other channels

SMS can bring you some nice results on its own, but it works even better when combined with other channels, for instance, email marketing. Every platform that you use to communicate with your customers has its own pros and cons, including SMS, and mixing them together can only improve your marketing efforts.

So when planning your Easter text messages, think of how they can complement your communication on other channels that you use, be it Facebook, Instagram, or emails.

To give you an example, emails are great for long-form content, while you can't really use SMS to send a 200-word newsletter. But what you can do with SMS, in this case, is to encourage users to pay attention to the offer you’ve just sent via email, likely increasing its open rates and engagement.

4. Make it fun and valuable

Although it might be tempting to focus on sales only, make sure to vary your Easter offers, incentives, and content overall so that your subscribers don’t get bored.

If you have a blog, compile a list of some fun activities for families and friends, put together an Easter gift list, or share a nice recipe for Easter breakfast. You can also organize a contest (e.g., “Show how you decorate Easter eggs!") to boost customer engagement and also keep them excited about the possibility of winning. Finally, don’t forget to send a simple text with warm Easter greetings.

This way, you can liven up your Easter campaign and avoid being too salesly, keeping your customers interested.

12 Easter SMS templates and ideas to boost your sales this year

Below you’ll find 12 ideas and SMS templates for Easter that will help you draw inspiration for your upcoming Easter campaign.

Template #1: General greetings

Easter text message - greetings to customers

Happy Easter, [customer_name]! Warm greetings from all of us at [company_name] – may your day be filled with peace and love! Thank you for being with us!

Template #2: Building awareness

There’s no better time to start preparing for the Easter weekend – our sale is going live in just 3 days! Save up to 50%, choose in advance: [short_link]

Template #3: Text-to-win Easter contest

[customer_name], we have some eggs-tra nice gifts we’d love to give away this Easter! Reply with IAMIN for a chance to win. More info on the contest: [short_link]

Template #4: Subscriber-only deals

[customer_name], use code SUBSCRIBER20 to get an exclusive 20% discount on all items in our Easter catalog! Shop today: [short link]

Template #5: Flash sale

Easter flash sale - SMS template for Easter

Easter flash sale is here! Use code FLASH25 to get 25% off on your next order. Offer valid only today until 11PM. Start shopping: [short_link]

Template #6: Gift guide

Still missing a couple of Easter gifts? No worries – check out our gift guide and surprise your loved ones this weekend! Order now: [short_link]

Easter is all about good company and… good food. Lacking ideas on how to make your family’s bellies happy? Check out these 10 Easter recipes: [short_link]

Template #8: Easter opening hours

Hi [customer_name], just a quick reminder that we’ll be open 1PM-6PM during the Easter weekend. Will work as usual (10AM-7PM) from Monday on. Happy Easter!

Template #9: New arrivals

[customer_name], long-awaited [product_name] is finally here in the time of Easter! Be the first to try it out – use code LETSTRY20 to get 20% OFF: [short_link]

Template #10: Surprise gifts

Easter gifts SMS template

Egg-citing news, [customer_name]! This Easter, get a gift valued at $15 with every order over $35! Visit our store to start shopping: [short_link]

Template #11: Refer-a-friend discount

Happy Easter, [customer_name]! Recommend us to your friend and enjoy a sweet 15% discount on your next order – both of you! Learn more here: [short_link]

Template #12: Easter egg hunt

[customer_name], it’s time for hunting… Easter eggs! Visit our store and look for hidden Easter eggs to save up to 50% this weekend. Sounds egg-citing? Hunt now: [short_link]

Dyeing to start crafting your Easter SMS messages?

You should be – not only it's one of the most heartwarming holidays in Spring, but also an excellent opportunity to show appreciation for your customers, boost customer engagement and sales.

Use these SMS templates for Easter as an inspiration to generate more Easter marketing ideas and brighten the holidays for your subscribers – remember, even a simple but sincere greetings SMS can make someone’s day!

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