Email marketing is an efficient and cost-effective means of communication with your customers.

Unlike paid advertising, you don't have to pay every time someone reads or responds to one of your emails. Email also has the advantage of being used for both short-term campaigns and long-term relationships with customers. And while it's easy to miss stuff on social media, emails land right in your customers’ inboxes.

It's an investment that pays dividends for many years, making customer communication more accessible than ever before. Email marketing is a robust sales and marketing tool, and its strength lies in targeting customers with information most relevant to them.

So if your business wants to grow, you need the power of email marketing behind you.

13 benefits of using email marketing to grow your business

To grow a small business, you need to ensure that your products or services are constantly moving out of the door. That means communicating with customers regularly and building up a community of brand fans who will keep coming back for more.

Here's how email marketing can help.

1. You can reach your target audience easily

By sending email marketing campaigns to the right people at the right time, you'll reach just the folks who are interested in what you're selling. That makes both for efficient advertising and repeat business when you keep in touch with buyers who've already got their wallets out at once.

Collect detailed information about how your customers respond to your emails with email marketing software. For example, if a particular customer segment prefers to be sent offers in the morning, you can set up an autoresponder series that does just that. If another is most interested in being contacted at weekends, you can set up a separate series for them.

Having that level of flexibility is invaluable when creating the perfect message for each person on your list.

2. It helps to keep customers engaged

It's already tough keeping up with friends, colleagues, and family how are you meant to remember everyone who has bought from you, too?

With email marketing, it's easy to set up an autoresponder series that will automatically send friendly messages reminding people of your great deals, the content you create, product updates, first-rate customer service, and more. Therefore, you'll be able to continuously interact with them and keep them engaged.

3. Email marketing is cost-effective

Email marketing won't cost you anything unless you use email marketing software that comes at a fixed subscription fee. And once it's set up, auto responders are free to use!

Email marketing's main benefit is advertising without paying for every ad impression. However, if you have an extensive email list, this means that email campaigns can be as effective as paid ads and help to get the word out about your brand, drive traffic to your site, and increase sales.

4. It helps you stay on your customers' radar

Making sure your customers never forget about your brand is the best method to get them excited.

Email marketing helps with that it's easy to incorporate into your daily/weekly/monthly routine. In addition, every email shows up in the inboxes of interested customers (who opted in when they signed up for your emails).

Keep in touch with your email subscribers, and they're much more likely to turn into lifelong customers.

5. It's fast

Email marketing is one of the fastest ways to get in touch with new customers as well as communicate with existing ones.

This is the best way to grow a small business every message gets delivered instantly! Email marketing software means you can also set up your emails in advance. You'll save time and resources that way and then be able to sit back and enjoy the extra business that will start rolling in.

6. You can gain customer trust

Trust is crucially important when you're trying to sell. By using email marketing, you can show that you care about your customers' needs and are working hard to meet them and that's the best way of all to get more sales.

But, of course, the other side of the coin here is that if you've built up trust in your small business, your customers will be more likely to buy from you again.

7. Email marketing helps to build loyalty

Running a small business can be enormously rewarding but it's also hard work.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to show people that you appreciate them and are committed to working with them over the long term. In addition, by nurturing your email list and keeping people engaged through regular emails, you can grow your small business and gain valuable brand advocates in the process.

8. You can grow your customer base

The more extensive your email list is, the more potential customers you target with future email marketing campaigns. So you must turn every new customer into an email subscriber as quickly as you can. And, as we've already seen, emails are the best way of keeping in contact with your customers and encouraging them to buy from your small business time and again.

9. You can improve your site traffic

Building a community of brand advocates is just one benefit of email marketing.

Another is that it enables you to spread the word about your business regularly, so more people will visit your website which, in turn, means you'll get higher search engine rankings and attract even more visitors to your site.

10. You will get to know your audience better

Email campaigns can include many different calls-to-action (CTAs), making it easy to track changes in customer behavior.

For instance, if you've got a new product coming out, you might encourage subscribers to leave reviews or pre-order it. In addition, you can keep an eye on click rates and conversion rates to see how effective your email marketing is and alter future campaigns accordingly.

11. It enables you to keep up-to-date with new technologies

Email marketing was around for a long time before people started using apps and software to automate certain aspects of it meaning that you can stay on top of the latest trends in your field without changing your existing workflow.

Nevertheless, email remains one of the most effective tools for promoting online sales, so it's well worth sticking with and learning to use correctly.

12. You can improve your social media results

Email marketing and social media go hand in hand, so if you already have a good following on Twitter or Facebook, you can use your email list as a kind of launchpad for future posts that encourage people to sign up online.

As a result, you'll get more people on your email list, which means you can use social media to promote future content directly to them.

13. You can benefit from personalization

Finally, an attractive benefit of email marketing is that if you run your own small business, you'll be able to create exclusive and personalized offers for subscribers.

For instance, if you run a restaurant, you could send an email about a special offer on a blackboard. Likewise, if you're an online seller of clothes and shoes, you might use email marketing to announce collaborations with designers who sell their limited edition pieces through your website.

In conclusion

So, there is a list of benefits you can get from email marketing. If you understand these points, it's time to find a great email service provider or a well-known PPC agency, since most of the PPC companies that run ad campaigns are also providing email marketing services that will help you to grow your business. Because when it comes to email marketing, the software is always better than manual work.

Even if you're not actively using email marketing at the moment, it's worth starting soon because it will help you to make an impact with your target audience and boost the results of all your other marketing efforts, too. In addition, emails are one of the most effective tools for acquiring new customers so make sure you embrace it fully by building up your email list as soon as possible.

This is a guest post by Alan Mathew.

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Alan Mathew is a content strategist at Brainvire e-commerce PPC Agency, based in New York. He is a digital nomad, traveling the world while he builds beautiful WordPress websites for small and mid-sized businesses around the world. He enjoys web development, eCommerce programming, and plugin development.

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