The end of the year tends to be the most intense for many retailers, making a quiet January a perfect time to wind down a little. But don’t feel tempted to do it just yet.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and it’s another great opportunity to both show some love to your customers and boost your sales.

Sending Valentine’s Day text messages for customers can be a great way to engage with them wherever they are and effectively promote your deals. Besides, it’s a perfect opportunity to show some love and appreciation, strengthening the bond you already have.

Continue reading this post to learn why you shouldn’t skip Valentine’s Day sales this year, find out about ongoing trends of this holiday, and benefit from 14 ready-to-use Valentine’s Day SMS templates that you can adjust to your business.

Valentine’s day in numbers: an unmissable business opportunity

People say that you should celebrate love every day, which is true; however, Valentine's Day still seems to be a special occasion that takes this thought even further.

As love fills the air on February 14th, businesses start reaping the benefits of the commercial side of this celebration.

Here are some numbers you should be aware of.

Where are people shopping for Valentine’s Day?

In 2021, the most popular Valentine’s Day shopping destination was online (38%), according to NRF. As people got quite comfortable with this shopping method during the pandemic, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this trend continuing in 2022.

TOP 5 shopping destinations for Valentine's Day
TOP 5 shopping destinations for Valentine's Day

29% of customers preferred going to department stores last year, followed by discount stores (28%). 17% of Valentine’s Day shoppers bought their gifts in specialty stores; for the first time since 2015, small and local businesses also made it to the top 5 shopping destinations (17%).

Valentine’s Day TOP gifts

Candy remains the most popular gift on Valentine's Day (54%), followed by greeting cards (44%) and flowers (36%). 41% of NRF survey respondents planned a special dinner at home, and only 24% had plans for an evening out.

More people bought gift cards, compared to the previous year (19% vs. 21%), while gifts related to clothing maintained a steady position (20%). Jewelry has still made it to the list of the top gifts, although only 18% of people chose it as a gift last Valentine’s Day (compared to 21% in 2020).

Spending habits

Most importantly, Valentine’s Day spending in the US has been steadily increasing over the years, until it reached $27.4 billion in 2020, up by more than 33% from 2017.

Total expected Valentine's Day spending in the United States from 2009 to 2021
Valentine's Day spending in the United States from 2009 to 2021

Although it dropped to $21.8 billion last year, it's still a lot of money and potential clients for businesses to ignore.

So how to get your piece of the pie by sending Valentine’s Day text messages for clients this year?

3 key tips for professional Valentine’s Day messages

1. Build the buzz early

Valentine’s Day is no different from Black Friday or Christmas campaigns – to make your text messages work, you have to carefully plan them and get on the customer’s radar as soon as possible.

Building the buzz early means teasing your customers a bit, growing their curiosity and anticipation by giving them a sneak peek at your offers. It’s important that they know what to expect and where to find it when the time comes, and this is how you win more sales.

2. Make it personal

Valentine’s Day is about expressing love and appreciation, and it’s best done personally. One-on-one conversations are usually more sincere and intimate, which you should also aim for when sending your Valentine's Day messages to clients.

And it’s not really a situation that you can call easier said than done. The right tools can help you address each customer by their name, tailor your offers based on their previous behavior, location, gender, and so on. Be it email or SMS marketing, you can still use personalization to engage customers better, even if you send thousands of messages.

Making it personal and as relevant to specific people as possible can increase your chances of them acting on your offers.

3. Don’t just try to sell

Crafting your Valentine's Day promotion ideas is essential, but this day shouldn’t be only about selling.

This Valentine’s Day, make sure to say thank you, give a gift or two, and show your customers that you value them. Keep the primary intention of this holiday in mind and be sincere – your customers will love it.

14 Valentine’s Day SMS templates and ideas to spread some love to your customers

Template #1: General greetings

Valentine's Day SMS template: general greetings

Roses are red, violets are blue, we LOVE what we do because of people like you! Warm wishes from all of us at [company_name] this Valentine’s Day!

Template #2: Thank you message

Happy Valentine’s Day, [customer_name]! We’re happy you’re always on our side. As a thank you, use code THANKS40 to get 40% off your next order. Shop here: [short_link].

Template #3: Building awareness

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! 3 days left until our extra fun flash sale – save the date! Choose your present before it's live: [short_code]

Template #4: Ideas

Not sure where to bring your date this Valentine’s, [customer_name}? Here’s a quick list of the most romantic places in [location] for inspiration: [short_link]

Template #5: Personalized promotions

Hi, [customer_name]! Hope you’re enjoying your new [product_name] you purchased [date]. Imagine how well it’ll go with a [related_product] that you can purchase with a 30% discount this Valentine's Day – shop now: [short link]

Template #6: Exclusive offers

Exclussive offers - Valentine's Day text message template

[Brand_name]: Love is in the air! This Valentine’s Day, we have a special deal for our subscribers only. Use code ITSME50 to get half off on your whole cart! Shop now: [short_link]

Template #7: Events

May your heart be full of love and… music, [customer_name]! Join a special online concert at 8 PM tonight – log in with a code FEB14 to watch: [short_link]

Template #8: Contests

[customer_name], we’ve got something really special for you this Valentine’s Day! Reply with IAMIN and participate in the giveaway – winners will be announced tonight! More info: [short_link]

Template #9: Gifts

Happy Valentine's Day! Only today, with every order over $30, you'll get a sweet gift packed with love! Visit the shop: [short_link]

Template #10: Reminders

Hi, [customer_name] – just a quick reminder about your reservation tomorrow evening 7 PM at [restaurant_name]. Please reply YES to confirm, NO to cancel.

Template #11: Confirmations

SMS confirmation template (professional Valentine's Day messages)

Thank you for your booking, [customer_name]! We look forward to seeing you on February 14th, 2022, at [hotel_name]. You can find more info on our cancellation policy here: [short_link]

Template #12: Flash sale

Hurry up! Only 3 hours left until the end of our special Valentine’s Day sale – most items from His & Hers collection now 30% OFF! Shop now: [short_link]

Template #13: Galentine’s day

[customer_name], show some love to your galfriends this Valentine’s Day! Check the selection of gifts that we’ve prepared to make them extra happy: [short_link]

Template #14: Self-love

Date or no date, treat yourself this Valentine’s Day! Browse our catalogs and use code SELFLOVE to get 14% off every item in your cart! Buy now: [short_link]

Connect with your customers through Valentine’s Day text messages

No better day than Valentine’s Day to show your customers how much they mean to you. And no better channel than SMS to connect with them on a really personal level.

Start the new year on a great note by getting the best out of this heartwarming day – use the SMS templates above to spread love to your customers or take them as an inspiration to craft your own.

It’s an opportunity not to miss! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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