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Christmas is one of the most heartwarming holidays of the year but we all know how stressful it can be. Especially to those who tend to wait until the last minute to start their holiday preparations.

Since you’re already reading this post, we're assuming you’re not one of them. Crafting your SMS marketing campaigns early enough can be a gamechanger for business when the competition is this fierce, and set you up for success during the upcoming holiday season.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some marketing ideas and Christmas SMS templates that you can easily adjust to your business and spread some holiday cheer to your subscribers this year.

Christmas campaign ideas for SMS marketing

1. Send holiday greetings

It may seem obvious but Christmas shouldn’t be all about selling, and many businesses tend to forget that.

Sure, it’s one of the busiest shopping holidays of the year and promotional texts are inevitable. But it’s also important to show your SMS subscribers that you value the bond you’ve created with them.

Sending a simple Merry Christmas SMS message can serve this purpose just right, help you appear more human, and bring you closer to the customer, strengthening your relationship from then on.

2. Offer a gift with every purchase

Free Christmas gift offer on Run Beyond Facebook page

Whether we want it or not, Christmas is also about presents. The more, the better, right?

Therefore, adding a tiny gift with each purchase can not only increase your sales but also boost customer satisfaction and make them feel special.

An SMS message announcing such an opportunity is the fastest way to let your subscribers know that they can expect an extra benefit – and encourage them to consider placing an order. People love free stuff and that can be the final nudge in the right direction, however big or small it is.

3. Inspire with holiday gift guides

Holiday gift guides are a great way to take some of the burden off customers’ shoulders. If they don’t have anything specific in mind yet, offering suggestions can help them make a decision. Also making them more likely to get those items from your store.

You can create different Christmas gift guides aimed at different audiences (for instance, Christmas gifts for parents, gifts for significant others, gifts for children, etc.) and divide them into several holiday texts.

This way, your subscribers will get the chance to check out your store quickly just by following that would reduce the number of steps they have to take, making gift discovery more convenient.

4. Invite to participate in a Christmas competition

Starbucks Red Cup Contest

Well-made competitions are always fun. What’s also great about them is that competitions can bring some nice benefits for both sides.

For the participants, it’s an opportunity to win, a.k.a. get something for free from the brand they like.

For brands, it’s a chance to boost customer engagement, increase their visibility, and, likely, grow their audience.

You can use SMS messages to either let your subscribers enter the competition right away (“Text to enter”) or direct them to, for instance, your social media profiles by including a relevant link in your messages. This can also drive traffic to your channels.

Some Christmas competition ideas you can draw inspiration from:

  • The ugliest Christmas sweater competition
  • Post the most creative Christmas trees/Alternative Christmas trees
  • Share a funny accident that happened to you on Christmas
  • Share your favorite Christmas recipes, etc.

5. Send a “Treat yourself” text

With all that holiday rush and thinking so much of (what to get) others, offer your SMS subscribers to stop for a moment and treat themselves first.

This can be anything from promotional messages to simply sharing relevant and valuable content, like tips or ideas on how to relax.

Maybe even buy something that they’ve always wanted. Something that you also happen to have in your store…

6. Extend a sale for last-minute shoppers

Christmas campaign for last-minute shoppers (Neiman Marcus)

There are always people who start preparing for Christmas just a few days before. And that’s alright – as the majority has done their holiday shopping already, you can still make a sale or two targeting the ones who waited until now.

To encourage last-minute shoppers to act, you can use urgency, or FOMO (the fear of missing out). Send a holiday text message announcing the end of deals and tell subscribers the exact time until when they can still benefit from your sales. Include the link to the sales page so that they could easily check out your offers.

19 Christmas SMS templates that will make your customers jolly

Template #1: General promotions

Tom, Christmas is just around the corner! Make sure your loved ones are warm and cozy this winter with 20% off all our gloves and scarves! Shop now: [store_URL]

Template #2: Bundle offers

Get a jump on holiday gifting with 15% off any Instant Camera! This week, you’ll also get an extra box of film at half the price. Visit the store: [store_URL]

Template #3: Limited-time deals

Limited-time deals Christmas SMS template

Ho-Ho-Hooorry up! Our pre-Christmas sale has just started – use code MERRY25 to get a $25 discount on all orders over $150. Shop till 12.05: [store_URL]

Template #4: Buy 1, get 1 free

It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year! Holiday savings start now – buy 1 pair of socks and get the 2nd one for free! Visit today: [store_URL]

Template #5: Free shipping

Stock up on cookies this Christmas! Be one of the first 500 buyers and we will deliver them to your doorstep for FREE! Wait no more: [store_URL}

Template #6: Click and collect offer

Skip the crowds this holiday season! Buy online and pick up in any of our stores – use code BLITZ5 to get $5 off your first order! Visit: [store_URL]

Template #7: Competition

Christmas SMS template for inviting to participate in Christmas competition

Hey John, join our tree-mendously fun Ugly Christmas Sweater competition! Post your pictures online and win great prizes – see the competitors here: [social_media_link]

Template #8: Online event

Hello Kate! Christmas is coming and so is our online wreath-making workshop! There are still some spots left, register here: [website_URL]

Template #9: Thank you message

It’s been a great year together, Jonathan! As a thank you, we’d like to offer you a special 25% discount on your next order with the code THNKS25. Use it here: [store_URL]

Template #10: Loyalty/VIP offers

Kyle, we couldn’t be happier to have you on our side! Start the new year on the right foot – use your exclusive 40% discount on all our shoes! Enter code VIP40 here: [store_URL]

Template #11: Flash sales

Christmas SMS template for flash sales

Flash sale! Use the code FLASH20 to get 20% off all Christmas lights! Offer valid until 10PM tonight, shop now: [store_URL]

Template #12: Email offer reminders

Matt, no better time to get your Christmas shopping done! Just a quick reminder about the 15% discount code we’ve sent to your email – use it while it still lasts!

Template #13: Gift guides

Kelly, still short on Christmas presents? We’ve got you covered! Check out the gift guides we’ve prepared for book lovers, tech-addicts, children, and more: [store_URL]

Template #14: Gift with every purchase

Get ready for Christmas, Niels! Only this weekend – get a gift valued at $25 with orders over $50! Visit our store now: [store_URL]

Template #15: Product release

Product release Christmas SMS template

Santa came to town earlier this year! Our new [product_name] has just joined our product catalog and we are excited for you to try it! Check it out: [shop_URL]

Template #16: Abandoned cart discounts

Catherine, if you change your mind, we have your cart ready anytime. Complete your order now and get 7% off: [cart_URL]

Template #17: Post-purchase offer

Christmas is almost over but our offers are not! Saying thanks for shopping with us just isn’t enough so here’s a 10% discount on your next order – follow the link to claim it: [store_URL]

Template #18: Collaboration with charities

Hi Tim, get 10% off or donate 10% of your sale price to one of the charities we’re collaborating with this holiday season. Give the gift of giving this Christmas: [store_link]

Template #19: Season’s greetings

Season’s greetings, Maria! We all at [company_name] wish you the most heartwarming time with your loved ones. Be merry!

Wrapping up: send Christmas SMS to get your business noticed

Whether you intend to sell, inform, or simply wish all the best for the upcoming holiday season, sending Christmas text messages to customers is a great way to do it. They can remind your subscribers about your company/organization, boost their engagement with your brand, and help to nurture the relationships you’ve already started building.

So get your SMS copies ready and sleigh the holiday season 2021!

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