Have you ever made an impulsive purchase just because you were offered a good discount? Or felt encouraged to buy from a brand that is new to you but offers something cheaper?

Whichever it is, you’re a part of the majority since 67% of customers have made a purchase they weren’t originally planning to make at least once solely based on the deals available.

It’s no wonder that discounts drive purchases and can be an effective way to acquire new customers and nurture existing ones. What’s challenging though is to craft a compelling offer and distribute it effectively so that it would bring the results you desire.

Enter SMS discounts.

Being such a concise and personal channel, SMS is one of the best ways to promote your sales. Besides, to send discount messages to customers, you must get their permission, meaning that those who subscribe want to hear from you, therefore, are more likely to act on your offers.

In this post, you’ll learn how to put a great text message offer together, discover some tips to make them more effective, and examples for inspiration.

3 key tips to follow before sending SMS discounts to customers

SMS discounts illustration

There are some regular do’s and don’ts of SMS marketing that you should always follow when sending promotional messages to your customers.

Failing to meet these tips and requirements can determine the success of your SMS marketing campaigns, so before crafting one, make sure you:

People have to opt-in to receive messages from you before you can start sending text messages to them. You can get their consent in several different ways, like asking to fill a form on your website, encouraging them to send a keyword to a business number, or even signing up at a physical location, if you have one. Besides, it’s important to keep the opt-out option easy.

Think about the timing

It's crucial to choose the right time to send your SMS discounts to increase the possibility of your subscribers acting on your offers and avoid annoying them. No one wants to get disturbed with promotional material at midnight or during family dinners - try to stick to the business hours.

Provide value with every message

Consumers get pickier by day, making it more important than ever to provide real value instead of bombarding them with irrelevant information. Make sure your sales messages to customers are tailored to their needs, and you offer something that they can really benefit from - otherwise, there’s no point for them to opt-in for your SMS marketing messages.

How to write a discount offer message that encourages customers to act?

Although SMS format seems simple enough, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a good SMS copy.

Ideally, you want to grab customers’ attention instantly and encourage them to take your desired action now. To achieve that, consider the following when putting together your text messaging deals:

  • Address subscribers by their names. Personalized messages are more engaging and feel more relevant to the reader.
  • Highlight the benefits and exclusivity of your offer. Simply offering a discount might work, but you can increase your chances of shoppers acting on it by highlighting what’s in it for them and making them feel special. You can do this by choosing the right words and phrases such as “we have just the thing for you” or “exclusive deal for our most loyal customers.”
  • Benefit from a sense of urgency. If you want to make a sale, the offer must be enticing. Make it clear that the time of the offer could be running out any minute. SMS is great for limited-time offers!
  • Use power words and images. While images help to draw attention, power words can nudge readers in the right direction. For your text messages, you can try using Save, Act now, New, Guaranteed, More, and, of course, Free.
  • Include a strong call to action. Call to action is one of the key parts of your message that tells readers what you want them to do next. Without it, no one will likely put their time and effort into searching how they can benefit from your offer.
  • Provide subscribers with a link you want them to visit. Directing your potential customer to the exact place where they can claim their discounts is important - this way, you can simplify their shopping journey and make it easier for them to place the order.
SMS offer to loyal customers

SMS discount message examples that your customers are looking for (+ templates)

The text message offers that your customers are likely looking forward to the most after opting-in are cash discounts, fixed percentage deals, and free shipping. Such deals can help you attract new shoppers as well as strengthen your relationship with returning customers.

Here are some discount message examples to help you get started with your campaigns.

1. Abandoned cart offers

The cart abandonment rate worldwide for online shopping orders was 88% in March 2020, according to Statista. Some of the reasons why people abandon their carts are:

  • 80% of shoppers abandon their carts because of the lack of a good return policy
  • 59% of visitors are not ready to make a purchase
  • 55% of shoppers are surprised by hidden extra costs
  • 27% of customers leave because of the complicated checkout process
  • 25% of customers consider the prices to be too high

Take this information and make it work for you. Evaluate your site’s performance, clearly showcase all the necessary information, and simplify the checkout process. Most importantly, if the visitor placed items in their cart but hasn't completed the purchase, send them an SMS reminder with an enticing offer - it can help win them back.

Abandoned cart offer example (discount messages to customers)

Template #1

[store_name]: Are you sure you haven’t forgotten anything, [customer_name]? Get back to [store_name] before your items sell out! Finish your shopping now & receive FREE shipping: [short_link]

Template #2

[store_name]: Wanna spice up your wardrobe? With our free return policy, there’s no room for hesitation! Complete the purchase and receive a 10% discount: [short_link]

2. Product bundle proposals

Product bundling means selling several individual goods or services together as a combined package. Such bundles are offered at a lower price than they would cost if purchased separately.

Some examples of product bundles are shampoo and conditioner sets, value meals at restaurants, certain items of clothing, such as scarves and gloves, etc.

Using customers’ data can give you an overview of what they are looking for and give you the option to suggest something that fits in well with their order. As cross-selling can increase revenue up to 30% just by recommending adding an additional item to the cart, offering a discount on the additional item can be even more rewarding.

Promotional SMS message template (product bundle proposal)

Template #3

We have just the right thing for you, [customer_name]! Choose a new handbag and get a pair of classy sunglasses for just half the price: [short_link]

Template #4

Hello, [customer_name]! Interested in purchasing a new phone? Browse our brand new stock of phone accessories to go with it and receive $15 off at the checkout: [short_link]

3. Royalty rewards

Make sure you don’t forget about your most loyal customers and take extra good care of them as they are the ones willing to spend. In fact, 43% of customers are happy to spend more on the brands they are loyal to.

Every now and then, surprise them with something special that feels exclusive. You could offer an extended discount that can be used with the next purchase. Or give out rewards in the form of text message coupons for their purchase, which will incentivize customers to come back to your store and increase the average order value.

Discount message example - loyalty reward

Template #5

Thank you for being with us, [customer_name]! Here's a little something to brighten up your day. Use code TNX with your next order and receive a 20% discount: [short_link]

Template #6

[customer_name], You have collected 400 loyalty points that you can use with your next order to receive a special discount or a gift. Redeem them now: [short_link]

Ready, set, go!

Time to craft your discount message and see how it will affect your sales. Always analyze your results and then readjust your campaigns accordingly. But keep in mind the golden rules of SMS marketing such as careful timing, clear CTA-s, and, of course, having permission to send the message in the first place.

And don’t overdo the discounts. Do the math to understand and figure out how such campaigns will be profitable to you.

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